Welcome to our World

Welcome to our World

Hello, we are Erin and Graham.

Welcome to our World

We live and work in the beautiful state of North Carolina.  Just like most of you, we graduated college, got jobs, bought a house, and woke up one day to realize our lives weren’t nearly as fun or exciting as we wanted them to be.  Sure, we took some great vacations, but our everyday existence had become routine and to be honest, pretty boring.   We were introduced to the concept of micro-adventure and it truly was an aha moment for us.  We didn’t need to travel to far off lands to add adventure and excitement to our lives, adventure was all around us and we just had to go out and find it.

We started this blog as a place for us to chronicle not only our adventures, both big and small; but to share the goings-on in our lives with our friends and family.  In addition to adventures, we enjoy being active and participating in all sorts of sports, (especially running, triathlon, and sailing) and eating delicious food.

We share many of our adventures with our awesome pups: Hugo and Ellie

In March 2018, we will embark on our biggest adventure yet as we welcome our baby girl into our world.

Join us as we strive to live our lives to the fullest!
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